Secure OS is a security-hardened operating system based on Android. Secure OS is engineered to defend against the most sophisticated mobile cyber threats.

Key features

Zero-attack surface

Users can take charge of their device through our hardware control feature enabling users to manage hardware components and sensors (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, USB, etc.) reducing the attack surface by switching them on and off depending on their use.

Integrity attestation

A state-of-the-art software attestation flow alerts users if there is any discrepancy between the installed software and settings of the device and their software policies. The flow utilizes a server-side fingerprint of their settings with their actual device settings.

Device wipe capability

Users can set up several device wipe triggers to delete all information on the device and render it useless. Triggers include remote wipe command, duress PIN wipe, wipe due to wrong PIN input, as well as a unique offline wipe countdown, triggering phone wipe if the device has been offline for a pre-set time period.


Secure OS is a completely de-Googled Android Operating System. It relies on open-source technology to deliver necessary mobile microservices such as location, push notifications, time, app updates, and others.

Secure KeyStore

All encryption keys are generated on the device and stored on a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module. No private keys are ever shared or stored outside the device.

Secure OS is fully integrated with Lunar Control Center. Lunar Control Center has the capability to remotely manage device configurations.

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