Device Integrity Report

About the feature

The Device Integrity report is the main feature of Secure OS for detection of malicious activity on the device.

The Device Integrity checks the following:

How to access:

  1. Settings > My Account > Phone Manager > Device Integrity

2. When in home screen menu: Swipe down (to open the settings bar) > Swipe down again (to open the notification bar) > Press the shield icon on the bottom right corner

Software integrity

The local device policies and installed software (apps and OS) are compared to the policies saved on the server. Any discrepancies are reported with the user being alerted.

The user can access detailed logs in case there is a discrepancy, to understand where the discrepancy is coming from.

Hardware integrity

Secure OS utilizes a hardware-based device attestation designed to prevent the device from starting in case it has been rooted or jailbroken. The user can access a report of the components checked.

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